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Coffee Transportation Bulk Bags

Elway Industries supplies coffee bulk bags for a variety of applications like coffee beans, nuts, and various beans. Our bean transportation bulk bags allow for fresher and dryer beands and nuts due to highly ventilated fabric. Our coffee bulk bags have a high cube capacity of 50 cubic feet/1 ton, which reduces handling. When we manufacture these industrial coffee bulk bags, we ensure they are stable and stackable from their interior baffle designs. Elway's bean bulk bags save warehouse space, reduce product loss, and are reusable.

Bulk Coffee Bag Specifications

Below are several of the specifications we can meet:

Capacity Empty Size
(W X D X H)
Filled Diameter Applications Quote
5 to 20 cubic feet 20" X 20" to 31" X 31"* 38" Used for higher bulk density products or smaller weight requirements. Request a Quote
21 to 75 cubic feet 35" X 35" to 37" X 37" 46" Most common for all products. Used in truck shipmens and export containers. Request a Quote
76 cubic feet and up 41" X 41" to 43" X 43" 53" For smaller bulk density products where height restrictions occur. Used for rail shipments Request a Quote

*Custom dimensions available at no additional charge

industrial coffee sack

Industrial Coffee Sack Applications:

  • Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Roasted Coffee
  • Almonds
  • Pecans
  • Peanuts
  • Beans & Other Nuts