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Bulk Bags & Jumbo Bulk Sacks

elway blue bulk bags

We stock multiple Bulk Bag Configurations, with different Bulk Bag Tops and Bottoms, Strap Variations and Feature and Dimensions.

When transporting bulk bags filled with a product, they are easily removed from a truck or trailer, fork lifted or conveyed exactly where they are needed, and then quickly emptied when and where desired. In some applications they are emptied directly into the processing equipment. Customers use the FIBC's for shipping, storing and dispensing products. Standard or special spouts can be made to order to ensure quick, no-spill filling or discharge of contents. The application list and usage is endless.

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The chart below is for illustration purposes only, it should give a general idea on the size bag that you may require. Let us know how you will be using the bulk bags and the product you will be using the bulk bags for. For an accurate quote or recommendation, please contact us.

Capacity Empty Size (width x depth x height) Filled Diameter (approximate) Applications
5 to 20 cubic feet 20" x 20" to 31" x 31" by appropriate height* 38" For higher bulk density products or smaller weight requirements
21 to 75 cubic feet 35" x 35" to 37" x 37" by appropriate height 46" Most common for all products. Used in truck shipments and export containers
76 cubic feet and up 41" x 41" to 43" x 43" by appropriate height 53" For smaller bulk density products or where height restrictions occur. Used for rail shipments

*Custom dimensions available at no additional charge

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Food Grade Bulk Bags

Food Grade Bulk Bags are specifically made for transportation and handling of products made for human consumption. Provided with AIB or BRC Certificates.

Chemical Bulk Bags

From hazardous chemicals to organic minerals, Elway Industries supplies chemical bulk bags that meet safety regulations and your specifications.

Agriculture Bulk Bags

From feed to fertilizer, Elway Industries supplies agricultural bulk bags that meet safety regulations and your specifications.

Coffee Bulk Bags

Fresher & dryer beans and nuts due to highly ventilated fabric. High cube capacity reduces handling, 50 cubic ft, 1 ton. Stable & stackable due to interior baffle designs.

UN Certified Bulk Bags

UN Certified Bulk Bags are made to handle hazardous materials, belonging to Packaging Groups 2 (Y) or 3 (Z) referring to the hazard level of goods to be carried.

Construction Bulk Bags

Elway Industries can supply construction bulk bags that are available for single or multi trip uses.

Polypropylene Valve Bags

These are used for industrial applications, and are known as PP valve bag and PP woven bags. These can be custom made to customer specifications.

Bulk Bag Type A

FIBC Type A has no special static protection, should not be used where a flammable atmosphere is used. Made from plain polypropylene non-conductive fabric.

Bulk Bag Type B

FIBC Type B are made from insulating fabric, has a voltage range of less than 6 KV. Can be used if MIE of flammable atmosphere is above 25 meters.

Bulk Bag Type C

FIBC Type C are made from fabrics that have inter-connected static dissipative or conductive threads (groundable).

Bulk Bag Type D

FIBC Type D is made from fabrics with static dissipative properties or threads to control fire-starting of discharges regardless of being grounded or not.

Landscaping & Yard Waste

Elway Industries supplies Yard A Bags to a variety of landscaping companies across the U.S., and recommends these bulk bags for landscape success!

Coated & Uncoated Bulk Bags

Coated Bulk Bags are designed to protect products from moisture and contaminants, while uncoated is used where breathability or a moisture barrier is not a factor.

Ventilated Fabric Produce Bulk Bags

Our bulk bags are made with highly ventilated fabric that helps reduce the effect of hot temperatures during transportation or storage time.

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4000 Lbs. Bulk Bags


Please contact our Staff for specific uses of High Capacity Bulk Bags.

Bulk Bags for Sand


Sand Bags are used to transport landscaping products, soil, dirt, debris, construction material, drilling mud.

Used Bulk Bags


The factors of Bulk Bag reusability and extensive labor savings are also cost considerations over the other products currently on the market.

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