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Type D Bulk Bags

Type D or CROHMIQ ® Static Protective bulk bags are constructed from fabrics with static dissipative properties or threads to control fire-starting of discharges regardless of whether it's electrically grounded or ungrounded. Anti-static FIBC Type D bulk bags do not require grounding or earthing because they are made from conductive fabric designed to safely prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges.

Type D Bag Specifications

Type D bulk bags can be constructed to customer specifications.

Below are several of the specifications we can meet:

Capacity Empty Size
(W X D X H)
Filled Diameter Applications Quote
5 to 20 cubic feet 20" X 20" to 31" X 31"* 38" Used for higher bulk density products or smaller weight requirements. Request a Quote
21 to 75 cubic feet 35" X 35" to 37" X 37" 46" Most common for all products. Used in truck shipmens and export containers. Request a Quote
76 cubic feet and up 41" X 41" to 43" X 43" 53" For smaller bulk density products where height restrictions occur. Used for rail shipments Request a Quote

*Custom dimensions available at no additional charge

FIBC Type D Requirements

To ensure the quality of our products, tests are performed to meet Type D bulk bag requirements including electrical breakdown voltage and propagating brush discharge testing. Type D bulk bags also require discharge incendivity testing.

Type D Bulk Bag Applications

Common uses for this bulk bag include:

  • Transporting flammable powders safely
  • When loading and unloading in the presence of flammable vapors and gases with MIE greater than 0.14mJ
  • Combustible solids with MIE less than 3mJ
  • Do not use when the surface is contaminated or coated with cunductive material such as water or grease

Static Protective Fabric

Crohmiq Blue ®


Bulk materials can create static energy during the filling and discharge process, this can cause an electrostatic discharge in the bulk bag and around the surface. Crohmiq Blue ® is a woven polypropylene static protective fabric for Type D FIBC bulk bags and it’s engineered to work safely in the presence of flammable materials, dust, or gases in the atmosphere.

The CROHMIQ® static protective FIBC fabric safely dissipates charge into the atmosphere by a process called corona, providing safety not only to the customer but also his employees from an electrostatic discharge.

Additionally, the properties of this fabric are permanent, so it’s static dissipative performance won’t decay with time nor will wash off during wet reconditioning process. As a result, over 6 million CROHMIQ® FIBC bags have been safely reused after wet or dry-process refurbishment!

Today,over 50 billion pounds of products have been packaged in CROHMIQ® FIBC. Some common uses for this product are:

  • Storage for chemicals
  • Storage for minerals
  • Storage for pharmaceuticals
  • Storage for combustible-related products