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Agriculture Bulk Bags

With the agricultural industry constantly evolving, there are advanced and improved farming and agriculture techniques for weed control, fertilizer, seed control, and more. These improved techniques help create streamlined, eco-friendly strategies for farmers. A major innovation for the agricultural industry has been the use of bulk bags. When waste or spills occur, it has negative effects on crops, so advanced agricultural bulk bags allow for more efficient storage and transportation uses.

What are the Benefits of Using Agricultural Bulk Bags?

Elway Industries understands the importance of agricultural bulk bags aiding to a farmer’s bottom line. There are many benefits of using bulk bags for storage, transportation, and disposal of crops that can increase revenue. Elway Industries’ agricultural bulk bags allow for multiple uses, and through our factory, Distribuidora, we can custom fabricate any agricultural bulk bag to meet your specifications.

Agricultural Applications

Agricultural bulk sacks are used for the storage and transportation of the following and more:

  • Crop

  • Seed

  • Fertilizer

What are the Common Sizes and Materials of Agricultural Bulk Bags?

Agricultural bulk bags are available in multiple sizes and have tremendous weight loads of up to 4,000 pounds. Some of the following sizes are commonly used in the agriculture industry:

  • 20" X 20" to 31" X 31"

  • 35" X 35" to 37" X 37"

  • 41" X 41" to 43" X 43"

Our agricultural bulk bags are made using 100 percent polypropylene. This material is durable, high-quality, and perfectly suited for the various agricultural applications.

Certified Agricultural Bulk Bag Supplier

As a trusted agricultural bulk bag supplier, we understand the importance of obtaining the certifications required for the agriculture industry. If you are storing or transporting agriculture products, it is important to find a bulk bag that will remain durable throughout the transportation process. Elway Industries has built up a strong reputation, and some of the following reasons are why you should choose Elway Industries as your agricultural bulk bag supplier.

Why Elway?

Elway Industries supplies agricultural bulk bags that meet the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association guidelines, and we pride ourselves on short lead times for these bulk bags. From feed to fertilizer, Elway Industries supplies agricultural bulk bags that meet safety regulations and your specifications.

  • Elway Industries supplies and manufactures agricultural bulk bags with BRC and AIB certifications.

  • Our food grade bulk bags are FDA approved for contact with food made with 100% virgin resins.

  • At Elway Industries, we pride ourselves with short lead times for these types of bulk bags.

  • Elway Industries factory, Distribuidora, carries ISO 9001 certifications.

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