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Overstock Bulk Bags

Overstock bulk bags are new bags in its original packaging that have been discontinued due to specification changes. There are bulk bags with different pouches, duffle tops, bottoms, and capacites. Elway Industries supplies numerous sizes and quantities that are available today. Contact us for our special prices and selection of overstock bulk bags.

Overstock Bulk Bag Benefits

Overstock bulk bags can be used for almost any dry, flowable material. They can be handled, shipped and stored at a lower cost than current methods. The cost savings include paper or jute bags, steel or aluminum containers, covered bins, or truckloads. The factors of reusability and extensive labor savings are also cost considerations over the other products currently on the market. Unlike throwaway or limited-wear packages, overstock bulk bags may be used repeatedly, depending on handling and products carried.


Some common uses for overstock bulk bags include:

  • Abrasives

  • Agriculture

  • Cement

  • Construction

  • Plastics

  • Recycling

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